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Rachel Freed
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About Me

I capture the beautiful lines of dance through photography, especially ballet. I am available for creative dance photoshoots on location or in studio. Bring your ideas! I will also help you with audition photos and capture your performances. I also enjoy partnering with companies for promotional and performance work. 

While many photographers are generalists,  I only accept clients /projects related to dance. I actively pursue continuing education in this specific genre through one-on-one workshops and classes/conventions. I've had the privilege to learn from Rachel Neville, Ashkan Roayaee, David Hofmann (aka Sharkcookie), Ron McMcKinney, Jonathan Givens, Taylor-Ferne Morris, Jordan Matter, and Eric Pare - just to name a few!

I'm located in sunny Bend, Oregon. HOWEVER, one of my passions is travel - so location doesn't slow me down! (I've been to over 70 countries - I've lost count!) So, if you are interested in a photoshoot, send me an email - I might just be in your area or coordinate a trip to you!


My family is a big part of my life, so I accept only a few projects a month. Contact me below to inquire on my availability - I'd love to hear about your dance photography needs and ideas.  

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Contact Me

Email me:

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Thanks for reaching out - I'll be in touch soon!

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